Dynamic Family Tree of the Chaleff, Director, Directovich, Dubin, Gilner & Olemberg/Olenberg Clans

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Hints for Using The Dynamic Family Tree:
What is it? The dynamic family tree is an alternative to having a genealogy program on your home computer, into which you have imported the family data file available from the webmaster. It is also an alternative to the online family tree posted at My The dynamic family tree displays direct family lines, rather than the entire trees that My Heritage or home versions show at one time, but you can move to different lines. Also, it displays the names of living relatives which are anonymous at My Heritage, as well as the notes contained in the data file. Most importantly, It also works with any operating system that can run "Jave applets" without installing an other software..
Security Error?   You may find that Dynamic Family Tree yields an error when you try to run it. In particular the tree icon may not appear and/or your computer may notify you that the script was stopped from running because it appears to be insecure or your javascript software is not up-to-date. Two actions may get rid of this error. First, update your JRE (Java Runtime Environment software) to the current version. Second, go into your Java Control Panel, which may be a subset of your main control panel, and set the security level to Medium. That is propably as low as the level can be set. Finally, reboot your computer and try to run Dynamic Family Tree again. If you now get a dialog box, instead of an error, which asks if the computer should allow the application to be run, that's a good sign. Click to allow it to run and you should be fine.
Direct Family Lines Stressed: The dynamic family tree is slanted toward showing direct family ancestral & descendant lines (grandparents, parents, children, etc), not coursins & parallel lines & clans. To display a line that includes cousins, aunts, uncles, etc, you have to find the connecting link in the line you are viewing (a marriage or common sibling) and click the common relative. Think of it as displaying individual branches as opposed to the entire tree. To move to a different branch, you have to get to the trunk where the two branches both attach. See, below, the comments regarding major connections between clans. Notes & Photos: Pointing to a person will cause basic notes to appear. If there are extensive notes for a person, then selecting them will cause a "notes" icon to appear. Clicking that icon will cause the notes to "pop up".  Similarly, a photo icon will appear if there is a photo associated with a person. Clicking an icon displays the details.  Keep in mind that you cannot select a different person on the tree while someone else's notes or large photo is being viewed. You must close the notes or photo you have opened to navigate further.
Navigation from the Family Member List: Clicking the Yellow Boxes at the top will allow you to see a list of all persons on the tree to select from, or allow you to create a filtered list. (Some spouses and children appear in the list without their last names.) Further Help: Clicking the Question Mark (?) at the top right of the screen will bring up additional help. Closing the dynamic family tree and this page will return you to the main family website page.
Where Family Clans/Lines Connect: This family tree was constructed, first, by concentrating on those clan lines that radiate out from Mordechai Mendel Olenberg and Frank Olenberg and their respective wives. That represents the Olenberg/Olemberg/Gilner/Director lines. The Dubin clan is connects to the Gilners by marriage, and the Chaleffs connect to the Directors by marriage.

Specifically: The dynamic family tree should open centered on Mordechai Mendel Olenberg (MMO). To see the connection of the Olenberg and Gilner lines, click on MMO's wife (Sora Gilner). and follow the line back or forwards in time. See, for example, MMO's father-in-law Maier David Gilner. To see the Olemberg/Olenberg connection, locate and click on Yitzhak Yankel Olenberg, MMO's father, Yitzhak Yankel Olenberg, and find his son Aaron Olemberg. (As has been pointed out, the spelling inconsistency of Olenberg/Olemberg appears to be meaningless.) To see the Olenberg and Director/Directovich connection, it is via Bertha Director Olenberg, wife of Frank Olenberg, son of MMO. If you find Bertha's sister Anna, you will see that she married to Leizer Chaleff, and that union is the connection between the Chaleff and Director clans. Another option to "climb the tree" is to use any lists that show at the top of the page.
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